Protect your dental health with a bite splint

A bite splint is a simple device that is available and is typically worn at night. It may be recommended that it be worn during the day if bruxism is severe. A bite split reduces the pressure and grinding of teeth, relieving symptoms and protecting teeth from damage.

Bruxism is a common condition where a patient is clenching or grinds their teeth together. They often do this without their own knowledge, particularly during sleep. High amounts of stress and anxiety can contribute to bruxism, and bruxism tends to go hand-in-hand with TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. Bruxism that is untreated can cause mild to severe pain in the jaw and teeth, and can even cause headaches. Bruxism can cause wear and tear up to 80 times the normal amount of wear and tear on the teeth, and it’s important to protect the teeth from damage along with reducing the unpleasant symptoms of bruxism.

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